Getting to Watamu

Watamu is situated on the Kenyan coast, 30 minutes drive from Malindi International Airport, which is a 40-minute flight from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.

The flight is very scenic, passing over various game reserves.

A taxi from Malindi to Watamu will cost around 1600 kshs (around $20).

Mombasa International Airport is about 90 minutes drive from Watamu and a taxi from here will cost around 3000 kshs (around $40).

Visit the Kenya Airways website to book your flights.

Some hotels in Watamu also offer airport transfers to both Malindi and Mombasa.

Use the interactive map below for orientation.

General travel tips

Below are some general travel tips for visiting Watamu, should you have further questions, feel free to ask us on Twitter.


Depending on which passport you hold and how long you will be staying in Kenya, you may need to purchase a visa when you arrive in the country. A three-month visitor visa can be purchased for $US 50.


  • The currency in Kenya is the Kenya Shilling (kshs) which trades at around 90 to the US Dollar, eight to the South African rand and 110 to the Euro
  • There are various ATMs in Watamu and hotels do offer credit card facilities. Certain banks in Watamu and Malindi offer currency exchange services during the week and on Saturday mornings. Traveller’s cheques are invalid in Kenya


  • For any medical emergencies while visiting Watamu…
  • It is advisable to take malaria prevention medication when visiting the Kenya coast
  • There have been no reported cases of Ebola in Kenya
  • In the unlikely event of a snake bite, anti-venom is available from the Bio-Ken Snake Farm in Watamu


  • No destination can honestly claim to be completely safe, but hotels and residents in Watamu have taken various measures to put the best possible security measures in place
  • Avoid walking outside resorts at night