Local Ocean Trust


Local Ocean Trust (LOT) is a private not-for-profit organization committed to the conservation and protection of special marine areas and endangered species. We encourage the sustainable use and management of marine resources for future generations through empowerment, education and campaigning. 

The name represents our goal to encourage people to look after their own ‘local ocean’ and create a chain of properly managed and conserved areas of ocean. 

Marine turtles have always been the core of LOT's conservation activities. They are excellent indicator species, and by targeting efforts towards them we are in fact working towards a healthy ecosystem as a whole.

Our work with turtles includes the only marine turtle rehabilitation center in East Africa, nest protection and monitoring, anti-poaching patrols and our By-Catch Release Program, where we rescue turtles that are accidentally caught by fishermen. Our extensive network around Mida Creek and along the wider Kenyan coast includes schools, universities, Beach Management Units, Community Based Organisations, NGOs and various government departments. Within this network we aim to increase understanding of the importance and value of the local marine life and environment.

Working alongside coastal communities is integral to our work and without their help we would not have achieved nearly as much as we have.

Website: www.watamuturtles.com  

Email: info@watamuturtles.com